Ikonų paaiškinimai

Tower pureEnergy 5.0

The new megaSun Tower pureEnergy 5.0 offers a combination of unprecedented, exclusive characteristics. Ultimate tanning results by maxium power for users and, at the same time, reduction of energy consumption and heat development for operators. Performance up – energy costs down! By up to incredible 36%!

Tower Thunder Hybrid

What has proven itself in megaSun’s® premium class 8000 alpha HybridST and has thrilled customers all over the world, is now available in a tower – the hybrid technology.

The best of low pressure technology combined in the tower Thunder Hybrid. 

Tower Hurricane

The unique hurricane tube combines the 4 wavelengths of light. UVB provides the skin with melanin and essential Vitamin D. UVA ensures an attractive tan. The red collagen light has a rejuvenating and vitalizing effect. In addition, the blue light has a cleansing effect – for a blemish-free skin.

Tower space 3000

Listen to your gut feeling and dive into the mesmerizing design of the megaSun Tower space 3000. High gloss white lacquered fronts enhance the lighting and display fascinating lighting effects.

Tower space 2000

Choose your individual design from the three different variants of the megaSun Tower space 2000 and give your salon a unique and personal touch. The innovative design of the tower boasts high-quality materials and intense lighting. Noble blue, bright yellow or maybe warm orange instead? Which design suits you best?


For the first time, Rubin Collagen Boosters are used in a stand up sunbed. The 100 high performance LEDs in the upper body area alongside the known collagen effect ensure increased skin moistening, leading in turn to a better tan.

Tower Collarium® mon amie

The very special mon amie technology is used in a stand-up collarium. Just 10 Minutes for beauty and body- offer a new anti-aging- revolution to your customers. Revitalization of the skin, re-modeling of lines and wrinkles and prevention of wrinkles. The double effect of the Tower Collarium mon amie opens new target groups: Women with beauty affinity and men who wants to keep their bodies beautiful, fit and young.

revolution D Tower

In the tower athletes enjoy the revoltionD-technology comfortable in a stand up – collarium and power up for a successful training. Collagen-light strengthens the collagen network, tightens the muscles, decreases the injury risk and helps effectively with the performance improvement. An optional UV light gives the skin a soft tan and provides incidentally the vitamin D level in the body. Low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with a loss of performance for athletes, not only a small part.